Adapting the latest technologies to your organizations communication needs

Dean Witter wanted a network that would take their morning call “shout-down” network to the next level. ICS designed a custom VSAT network to support not only a video upgrade to the “shout-down network but also three additional channels of financial video programming

PACCAR has a large network of sales & service locations.  Their customers business is mobile and they can not afford downtime.  The PACCAR ICS VSAT network provides instant access to company inventory and data bases to keep fleets moving.

The RETEX Buying Consortium provides collective buying power to major US Retailers.  ICS designed a VSAT service offering for credit and business TV services video.

Shell wanted to test the concept of video to the pump.  ICS designed and demonstrated a local server based system that could playback commercials at the pump and permit  customers to order addition products and services at the pump.

Blockbuster wanted to allow customers on vacation to easily use their home town Blockbuster card while on vacation or traveling. ICS designed a VSAT network to create a national Blockbuster card and also permit downloading of promotional videos.

Dean Witter Business TV Network

Shell Video to the Pump Project

Retex Technology VSAT Network

Paccar Data VSAT Network

Blockbuster Data and Video Network

Project List

EPA National Data Processing Division wanted to standardize its nationwide audio and video conferencing systems.  A certification checklist was created for NDPD and recommendations provided to standardize its facilities.

EPA Teleconferencing Certification & Test Procedures

Listed below is a sample of the type projects ICS has completed for companies and organizations that have contracted with ICS.